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Queen of disaster!
Viviendo entre letras e imagenes.

She’s the last one. E v e r.

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The Maze Runner

"No one has ever survived a night in the maze."

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every revolution
               begins with a
s p a r k;

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I wish i could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever.

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Easy is boring.

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I’ve also modified my parents’ memories so that they’re convinced they’re really called Wendell and Monica Wilkins, and that their life’s ambition is to move to Australia, which they have now done. That’s to make it more difficult for Voldemort to track them down and interrogate them about me – or you, because unfortunately, I’ve told them quite a bit about you. Assuming I survive our hunt for the Horcruxes, I’ll find Mum and Dad and lift the enchantment. If I don’t – well, I think I’ve cast a good enough charm to keep them safe and happy. Wendell and Monica Wilkins don’t know that they’ve got a daughter, you see.

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my copycat making: nana

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“Por supuesto, algo tiraba de mí pidiéndome odiarle por las mentiras que decía de mí, pero el amor que sentía por él era mucho más fuerte que la inclinación hacia ese odio.”

Anne Rice

Lestat El Vampiro |   Fake Diamond Citas
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rubius + ropa

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Daniel Radcliffe for Essential Homme Magazine by Kevin Sinclair.

holy fucking christ

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'The Maze Runner' behind the scenes footage.

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Will Poulter, Dylan O’Brien and Kaya Scodelario visiting Fox 29’s ‘Good Day’ on September 2nd, 2014 

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